Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to help children overcome fears, make him brave, to face things positive?

(A) understand why

        To help children overcome the psychological fear, we should first understand the real source of his fear. Parents in the face of the child because of the fear generated emotional reactions need to Bing in addition to the immediate negative attitude, try a simple talk, to understand exactly what he feared. Such as fear of the dark, should accompany him in the dark, gradually embolden increase courage in the face of darkness; fear the shadow caused by the illusion, you should let him see the true face of the shadow.

(B) by the story to sort out the truth

        If adults find that children have a tendency to fear of "ghosts" and did not know what he was afraid of, you can try to use to tell stories, spoke to the children listen and let him talk about his feelings, in order to clarify his fear What is. Let the kids get some spiritual comfort from the story, and good things to enrich their mind.

 (3) to maintain the bright light

        Found that children fear the "dark", as he points a night light, or keep a bright light in every corner of the child's activities. Literally force their children to confront the fear that he will not be processed, and can not solve the problem, but will make him feel even more scared.

(D) more than to cuddle or caress

        Parents sweet and warm cuddle, caress, can not only increase the parent-child friendship, this feeling of love, to make him feel that no matter in what circumstances, are warm and safe, be afraid of the unknown there? parents pay more patience to spend with their children at any time to observe his emotions and movements, the most definite action, more children, support children.

(E) use of language interaction, communication

        Few children ghosts because of the fear of death or inadvertently heard after someone passes away, you will become a ghost, the ghost would take away a person's life. Like this situation will lead to his fear of ghosts, when adults have to cost a lot of effort, with the children understand the language and communicate with him, to explain death to him, and help him to make him feel at ease to find.

(F) give emotional assurance

        If the child says, "ghost", a dark shadow or can not find the source of the sound, the parents can accompany with him to find those frightening matter harmonies, exactly where? If the child is very young still small , can not tell what he was afraid of ghosts, parents may wish to give him emotional assurance, let him know that someone accompany him, he will not be lost in the dark.

 (7) Choose the TV program

        The sake of the children, the parents should carefully choose television programs, try to avoid letting children watch those bizarre program or some homicide abandoned corpses News, deepen the sense of fear of ghosts. In addition, before you go to sleep, do not let the children and adults watching with horror album, affect the quality of sleep, resulting in frequent nightmares at night.

        So adults do not afraid of a child, said he was a "coward" or "brave", will cause the child really useless more retreat, or think that the days are a fearless, is a good thing, Good boy.

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