Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to get over fear

The most effective eradication of phobia proposed by the psychologist Joseph Erpu of South Africa, called "systemic sensitization. According to this method, people need to learn how to relax.

Almost 10% of people in the world have different degrees of phobia, of which 1% of people suffering from severe phobia, caused a huge impact on their lives. They may be afraid to open space, someone else's humiliation, blood and even "13" figures. Usually they will discuss their fears and psychological counselors, psychologists, counselors and then trying to figure out the underlying causes of fear. In fact, this is a waste of time. There is a more efficient and effective ways to eradicate our fears. Each time to change a little bit as long as their behavior, it will forever change their own psychological. You will find yourself with incredible energy, can manipulate life in the end is the experience positive or negative situations.

Methods to help people overcome phobias typically includes the following steps:

Establishment of "anxiety sequence" - write down the things that make you feel anxiety, fear. Then, think about these things lead to anxiety levels, from 1 (very low) to 100 (very high) for its scoring, and sequentially arranged together. For example, if you are afraid of flying, your anxiety sequence should be: pack, book tickets, drove to the airport, check-in, boarding, aircraft taxiing aircraft rose to cruising altitude, and walk around the cabin, suffered airflow, aircraft landing, the plane crash.

The pairing process - Finally, first relax, then as long as possible to experience the anxiety in the first event in the sequence (if you can not experience, imagine you are going through the event). After the experience or imagine, 0 to 100 degrees scoring anxiety. And then repeat the process until the anxiety index dropped to 10 points or less. After the success of the start sequence after a practice event. Each practice for almost 30 minutes.

I have previously mentioned experiments of Stanley Si Kante. The experiments showed that experiencing an emotion often involves two steps. First, there must be an event or an idea to make your body respond. Perhaps heard gunshots, your palms flew sweating. Or see a highly attractive stranger at a party, and you feel that the heart will overflow. If you hear gunshots in the street, you will feel anxious; However, if you are in an open-air playground heard gunshots passing, shooting stalls, you'll feel pretty good. Similarly, if you think that the man in the party think you are attractive, you will be ecstatic; However, if you later find each other for the interest of the people standing behind you, you'll feel a little embarrassed.

In the 1990s, David Clark, a psychologist at the University of Oxford Si Kante philosophy is applied to the study of panic disorder. Clark panic disorder attack, because people misinterpret their bodily sensations. According to this concept, the regular panic attacks tend to think of my own heart beat too fast, sweaty palms, and then become more nervous, so he beat faster, palms emerge more sweat. This vicious cycle continues, the negative energy waves to come.

Clarke believed to cure panic disorder do not need drugs, do not need to explore childhood memories. In contrast, only need to teach people how to relax, or a better approach is to encourage people to interpret their own body feelings from the positive side, the first time will be able to suppress panic attacks.

Clark found a group of panic disorder patients often guilty of the patient, he said, when they feel the heart beat faster, breathless, should not panic, but they should be seen as their bodies feel a little anxious performance .

Clark's method is very significant. The experimental results show that, compared to drug therapy and relaxation treatments allow people to re-interpret their own body sensations more effective.

Using the same method, we can also help those exams, job interviews, public speaking anxiety that people in the hospital. As long as people know why their bodies over-excited, how to interpret the body's response to a more active, they will be able to better respond to these several conditions, to understand that no difficulties, the reason why these situations occur, just summon positive energy to create a better life version.

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