Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to help the baby to overcome fear

Afraid everyone will experience. Some people afraid of dogs, some people are afraid high, and some people are even afraid of what is not clear. Many parents have been troubled child afraid of feeling from the ghost of darkness it? Parents should think carefully about this problem.Tao Sheng Hua City nursery teaching team leader, Chen Guiying teacher said, some of the reasons and circumstances, unknowingly cause fear of young children, parents must pay attention and avoid:

1 alone

        The child's world, it is often accompanied by other factors as dark shadows and solitude, especially when a person, the more insecure, prone to fear. When he said "something fishy", may be afraid of the dark and can not see the object may be ambiguous shadows, it may be he was unwilling to be alone, afraid of being alone ...

2 adults intimidation

        When the child is disobedient or naughty, some parents will use ghost to scare him, "If you do not obey and bow, sit dinner the terror tiger in will be will find you!" Or the child in a dark place, such a small room, toilets, etc., in order to be punished, warning children, this method is easy for children to produce the emotions of ghosts and afraid of the dark.

3, the TV media impact

        Some TV show or supernatural show will be a ghost and black to do in connection with the re-fit some treacherous sound, action and props, make-up, after the mass propagation tool of rendering, "ghost very terror, it will appear in a dark place ... child heart ..., "so the" ghost "and" dark "there was the image of even deepen its fear.

Over rendering and exaggerated

        Young children if the parents, relatives, accompanied safe to him, the intimate comfort young children are not afraid of the dark. However, if the parents themselves are afraid of the dark, often make a fuss or scream, the child will have negative imitation, and deepened his dark sense of fear. Also, due to be overly rendering of "ghosts" but also adults and exaggerated movements and facial expressions, so that children will never forget, affect the future life.

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