Monday, September 17, 2012

How overcome fear?

How to overcome fear? Many patients with anxiety disorders and their families want to know. To overcome the phobia, we must first pay attention to adjust their mentality, and establish some good ideas.

(A) accept themselves and build self-confidence

A lot of fear in patients is because they do not accept themselves and their own lack of self-confidence caused. So, you want to change the First would have in their hearts to accept and accept themselves and establish self-confidence.

(2) Do not expect too much of their own

Perfectionist, expect too much on their own, it is easy to worry about the outcome, too concerned with others of their own views, bent to get the recognition of others, and thereby lose yourself. Accept their current situation, do not worry about how others see you more afraid to make mistakes, the more you will feel helpless.

(C) Do not be too concerned about their own bodies reaction

Tension is always accompanied by a series of physiological discomfort, reinforcement theory, if we are too tight to pay attention to certain parts of the nervous reaction of their bodies, equivalent strengthen their nervous behavior, making it step by step worse. When we'll leave the tension response due to nervousness not pay attention to and strengthen the nervous reaction over time will gradually subside.

(D) the courage to face

Tension phenomenon, in social situations, often showing escape the psychological fear that they will fool of myself and not to face. In fact, escape and can not eliminate tension, on the contrary, it will make you feel the cowardly, so you blame yourself, so that the next time will be more nervous. And we can not escape life, we live in this community, people, sooner or later, we must face.

The best way to overcome fear is to bravely face nervous! Like a psychology expert noted: "We are afraid of is not really the thing itself, but our own!" The key is to see if you can beat myself and the courage to take the first step! bravely to face serious phobia patients and doctors with a common treatment.

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